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Drive-in Intermission 6

Candy, popcorn, coffee, and cigarettes, it's all here. Suggestion: insert clip between two movies when making double feature dvd.


Reviewer: Cliff Taylor - - February 13, 2015
Subject: Drive In Music
This video is not even 9 min., long and I can't hear any Bossa Nova music; sorry about that Chief.

At any rate, words cannot describe how happy and relaxed most of us kids were going to the drive-in in the 60s and the snack bar food was high quality.

We had a special kind of magic living in the Southwest without the nasty rain and would just relax on the hood of our cars or even bring blankets to rest on while we munched snacks.
Reviewer: simplecarnival - - December 19, 2011
Subject: Great comp and... what's that song?
Can anyone identify the bossa nova song at 9:26? I'd love to track down the production music album that has that song.
Reviewer: rodrigoaraya - - October 25, 2009
Subject: Good stuff from the mid-60s
A real masterpiece of cinema, thank you all for showing us these treasures of time. An Sprite ad with animation similar to DePatie-Freleng Studios and another cool ads. Post more please!
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